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A group of summer camp pranksters get the scare of their lives when they target the camp's creepy caretaker...and he takes bloody revenge! "Gruesome" (The Hollywood Reporter) and "stomach-churning" (Boxoffice), this terrifying tale is "a brilliant slasher flick [and] gory as hell" (!

After a cruel joke goes awry, severely burning him and subjecting him to five years of intensive, unsuccessful skin graft treatments, Cropsy (Lou David) is back at camp...and ready to wreak havoc on those who scarred him! With his hedge clippers in hand, he terrorizes the camp and systematically mutilates each victim. Can a few courageous campers save themselves and destroy this demented madman before he kills them all?

Starring Brian Matthews (Crime Stopper), Leah Ayres (Bloodsport), Brian Backer (Fast Times At Ridgemont High), Larry Joshua (Dances With Wolves) and featuring early film appearances by Fisher Stevens (Short Circuit), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) and Holly Hunter (Raising Arizona), The Burning is a “grim and nasty movie [that] gets under your skin” (!

Why We Love It

"Revisiting The Burning now shows a rather well made little film that does what it's supposed to do: titillate and shock in equal measure. This new Blu-ray has very good video and audio and comes replete with some nice supplements. Recommended." – Jeffrey Kauffman,

"The DVD looked very good but this is definitely an upgrade. Colors look great with a rich saturation. The skin tones in the film look very natural…Overall, the film looks great." – Jason Werner, Body Count Rising

"A large chunk of the high-def presentation is terrifically detailed with excellent definition in the surrounding foliage, rock formations and all around the campgrounds. Facial complexions appear healthy with natural, revealing textures during close-ups." – M. Enois Duarte, High-Def Digest


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