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Featuring a new completely uncut scan from the 35mm interpositive that hasn't been seen since its VHS release! Also includes the international cut.

This visionary, turbo-charged Ozploitation gem in the ultimate high-octane collectors edition. Buckle up!

From famed Ozploitation auteur Brian Trenchard-Smith (THE MAN FROM HONG KONG, TURKEY SHOOT) and acclaimed author Peter Carey (BLISS) comes this offbeat, Day-Glo, dystopian cult classic.

Boasting hordes of post apocalyptic punks, fist fights, car chases and world record breaking stuntwork – all accompanied by a soundtrack of new wave Aussie classics – DEAD END DRIVE-IN stands proudly as Quentin Tarantino’s favourite Trenchard-Smith movie, with the celebrated filmmaker declaring it “an exceptional piece of work.”

Australia in the not-too-distant future: the economy has collapsed, unemployment has reached epidemic proportions, looting is widespread and violent ‘carboy’ gangs run amuck in the streets. To combat the teen crime wave the authorities have converted the Star drive-in theatre into a maximum-security prison camp for delinquent youth! Wrongly incarcerated in this juvenile lockup are working class guy Crabs (Ned Manning) and his spunky, streetwise girlfriend Carmen (Natalie McCurry). Unlike most of the inmates, who are happy to live on a steady diet of junk food and exploitation movies, Crabs is determined to do whatever it takes to break out

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